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photo:David Wise

Who the Hell is Rumi MISSABU?

photo:Fussy Lo Mein
photo:Fussy Lo Mein

Recent acting roles include stage productions of Marat Sade, Tinsel Tarts in a Hot Coma and Pearls Over Shanghai reprising his original role as Madame Gin-Sling with the Thrillpeddlers SF.

He also has appeared and co-produced in some cases a number of other independent films including; UNCLE BOB, TRIP BACK FORWARD, THE COCKETTES, THE GLITTER EMERGENCY, TIP-TOE PAST THE WITCH and RUMINATIONS.

Rumi resides in Oakland, CA. and is currently writing, directing and producing Spectacle Pantomimes and is working on his next production this coming October in NYC!

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"If it wasn’t for Rumi, we wouldn’t be here."

Taylor Mac
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"He's a great observer of minutia, music and pop culture."

Cindy Williams
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"He's complete sexual anarchy."

John Waters

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